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Contact Email: susantrapp76 AT

We are the St. Mary’s Homeless Outreach Program team. This includes, the Rev. Michael Burke, Sara Gavit, Pastoral Care Coordinator, and Susan Trapp, Program Manager, who is a consumer of a wide spectrum of labels! We provide life-saving supplies to homeless groups within the shelters, the camps and the streets. More often than not, the groups which stay stuck within the homeless system are Alaska Mental Health Trust beneficiaries. This ranges from developmentally disabled, Alzheimers groups, chronic alcoholics, traumatic brain injury, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Due to the gaps within the homeless system in the Municipality of Anchorage, many folks are underserved, and the out reach often does not cover those who fall into the above-mentioned groups. Within a four month period, there will always be a “30-day out” policy, which means people have to get drunk enough to go to the sleep-off center, commit misdemeanors to save their lives through the relative safety of jail or sleep in the woods. Anchorage does not have enough low income housing. Brother Francis and Beans Café do not have enough case managers to cover all of the needs of these special people. The St. Mary’s Homeless Outreach Program is a temporary solution to keep people alive while more permanent solution are found. We are proud to be a member of the Consumer Consortium and the grassroots movements which have started up in the state of Alaska. By the graciousness of the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority and their recognition of the value of empowering consumers, this homeless outreach program is making an impact in the everyday lives of the homeless consumer.

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Thanks to the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority for funding
the Consumers Consortium through a Trust Beneficiaries Group Initiatives grant.

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