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Contact Tel:(907) 223-2697
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ReBound WoodWorks began in February 2005 as a social enterprise combining the professionalism and economic acumen of the business world with the patience and problem-solving energy of the social services community. The goal of ReBound WoodWorks is to create a business that will serve as a source of employment for a constituency which currently does not have many options for finding a work environment flexible enough to allow them to make their own choices, learn from their mistakes, while simultaneously acquiring work skills essential for securing other employment, and building a good work history.

All ReBound WoodWorks employees are homeless, chronic alcoholics who have chosen to manage their individual addictions, and commit themselves to employment. The employees take responsibility for the day-to-day operations of ReBound WoodWorks with help from RurAL CAP Project Manager Roy Corral. The employees have decision-making authority for determining the growth and direction of the enterprise. During the first 6 months of operation, ReBound WoodWorks experienced ZERO turnover with its employees.

Currently, ReBound WoodWorks consists of a group of five workers that build a line of wood products out of materials they salvage from building sites in the Anchorage area, as well as lumber they purchase using proceeds from product sales. The employees approve orders, make the products and sell them to local retailers and wholesalers.

For more information, contact Roy Corral at (907) 223-2697.

Thanks to the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority for funding
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