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Polaris House is striving to fully adopt the clubhouse model which endures people with mental illness the right to a place to belong, the right to a place to return, the right to meaningful and equal relationships, and the right to meaningful work. Please see a copy of the Clubhouse Standards at Since the beginning of clubhouses for people with severe mental illness, over 50 year ago, employment has proven to be the most restorative and rehabilitative force ever experienced, and is at the heart of the model. With appropriate training and employment assistance people with severe mental illness can better maintain healthier lifestyles, develop their self-esteem, and live more fullfilling and productive lives. While at Polaris House for vocational rehabilitation, members also take part in the other services provided, such as, independent case management, locating housing, food, clothing, Medicaid enrollment assistance, transportation assistance, and obtaining psychiatric services if needed. Polaris House also coordinates services and expertise with other local organizations who assist the homeless, those with a mental illness, and people with co-occurring disorders, including Bartlett Regional Hospital, Juneau's community mental health provider, Juneau Youth Services, the state correctional facility, and the local shelter. For more information on the Clubhouse model of psychiatric rehabilitation and the standards that guide the model, please visit

Thanks to the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority for funding
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