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Address: 1000 McGrath Road
Fairbanks, AK, 99712
Organization Tel: (907) 455-6377
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Contact: Elizabeth Calhoon-McFaul
Contact Tel:(907)455-6377
Contact Email: irzbeta AT
Description: is a cooperative website whose main purpose of the site is two fold: to provide income to women so that they can make their own choices, no matter where they are living physically; and to provide a sense of advocacy for people through the application and publishing of women's stories when they want to become a Bushmama and utilize the site.

The secondary goals of are to create a cohesive consumer group (a sort of virtual therapeutic community); highlight that there is more than one value placed upon a piece of goods (a handmade piece may be what a person does for an outlet for their time, etc., but it is also worth some money that a person can use to better their lives); begin a visible process where Alaskan women participating in a recovery process are valued, no matter where they come from and no matter what they have done in their lives. is focused on recovery and change. We are committed to becoming a Bushmama Family support system, and we are focused on encouraging positive and creative living.

Thanks to the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority for funding
the Alaska Peer Support Consortium through a Trust Beneficiaries Group Initiatives grant.

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