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The mission of the Alaska Peer Support Consortium is to support peer support groups who promote behavioral health recovery through peer to peer counseling, recovery classes, simple seasonal therapeutic activities, companionship, coordinated rides, healthy meals, employment, housing and legal representation, and continual and ready hands on guidance in all situations of life. Our vision is to create a pathway out of stigma, discrimination, ineffective treatment, and chronic poverty by demonstrating that behavioral health consumers are a group that contribute to their communities, rather than a group that must be hidden away as an unsolvable, embarrassing problem. Our goal is to empower the spirit of behavioral health recovery through collaboration, communication and partnership - while providing hope through the living, breathing example of recovered peers.

Select a link from below to read more about each member.

  1. Alaska Mental Health Consumer Web
  2. Alaska Women's Recovery Project (AWRP)
  3. Alaska Youth And Family Network
  4. Beth Shamar
  5. Bushmamas
  6. CHOICES, Inc.
  7. Creekside Meeting Center
  9. Ionia, Inc.
  10. Law Project for Psychiatric Rights
  11. NAMI Alaska
  12. NAMI Anchorage
  13. NAMI Fairbanks
  14. NAMI Juneau
  15. NAMI Ketchikan
  16. Polaris House
  17. Soteria-Alaska

Thanks to the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority for funding
the Alaska Peer Support Consortium through a Trust Beneficiaries Group Initiatives grant.

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