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Live football streams

Date Added: August 13, 2009 08:33:41 AM
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Live football streams

Author: michael

Live football streams

How to watch premiership football match streams on your pc

If you have tried to watch premiership football or any sport streams for that matter on your pc chances are that you had a foreign commentator and a bad picture.The only software freely available was sopcast,tvants,p2ptv or iraqgoals.

Now i love football and would love to watch my beloved manchester city every week but i just can't afford to.So my only option to watch every single match is to find the games on my pc.
I got fed up of the awful picture and sound on the above pc tv options so against my better judgement i dug deep into my pocket and bought some pc tv software that i saw when i was looking through usfreeads.

I paid for,downloaded and installed the software. First impressions were very good it looked nice loaded very quickly but i couldn't get a picture.

What a waste of money i thought then i had a brainwave. Why don't i read the instructions,DUHH.

After that everything was fine,as promised there were hundreds of channels but most important to me was the fact that i could now watch every single premiership game and every single man city game.

I missed one match all season last year and that was only because my brother got married, i know how selfish of him getting married on a match day.

The picture is spot on the sound is great and i don't have to pay any monthly subscriptions,even when there is no football on i can watch golf,cricket,wrestling you name it you can watch it.


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